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This is my reality. One that leaves me standing over the grave of my son on Christmas Day and any other day. That always leaves our family pictures incomplete + bittersweet. A reality that I wrestle(d) with accepting + digesting for years. 

A reality I carry with me that can destroy or propel me with a single thought.

Because of Jesus, the Christ (that’s in this very CHRISTmas Day).
 Joy + sorrow can co-exist. 
I can embrace all the goodness in my here and now even with this huge tangible void that is my sweet boy, Will’s physical absence. Each emotion is felt deeply with Love + Grace.

 This is Christmas. This sacred ground I stand + mourn over is why He came and why we all can still celebrate, no matter our circumstance, trials, defeats & from the depth of our soul  we can say ‘it is well’. 

Merry Christmas friends. You are loved, even if you find yourself standing over something that has {passed} look Up and receive the Perfect Love that awaits. He makes all things new🌲❤️