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When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours” Romans 1:12

The night before Bo’s funeral, my amazing and sweet and talented friend Millie brought me the most wonderful gift. She had crocheted a heart garland in Bo’s heterotaxy colors, blue and yellow. At the time, I was lost in my own emotions and took the gift and smiled, but I was so consumed with so many negative emotions, I don’t think I could truly feel the importance of this gift. This gift meant more to me in the following year than I could have imagined.  

Days after the funeral, I held this garland and cried…and prayed. I felt every emotion on every scale. This garland became my “Hope and Prayer” garland. I display it proudly in my home, as the first thing you see when you walk in. It has joined us in our family pictures to represent our little guy who couldn’t stay here on Earth long enough to bless us with his adorable smile and dark hair. 

This garland was crucial is helping me heal, and all because my loving friend Millie was obedient in gifting it to us. 
The last few months, Millie and I have sat down and discussed doing this for others who need this type of reminder of Gods promise and our hope in him. 
With the help of the sweet Patcine, from “The Will to Choose”, who so graciously partnered with us under this ministry … and Katie Stratton who designed the most beautiful logo….

We are excited to finally launch our “Hope Garlands”.
Hope Garlands are free for bereaved parents and can be made in any color that reminds you of your child. 
Think these are lovely, and would like one for yourself for your home, to go on your mantle or head board or as a gift for someone.. They are available for purchase for 25.00$ (this includes shipping) but with the purchase of each garland, you are helping to pay for the free ones that get shipped to the bereaved patents. 

To order, click on shop, you will see the heart garlands there. You can customize your own colors. 
If you are gifting one to a bereaved mama friend we know that she will be touched by this personal gift… 
If you would like one as a bereaved parent, please email me at 

Thank you for loving on us this past year, and also for supporting us in this new ministry for bereaved parents and so many others who just need a tangible reminder that our Hope is in God. 

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