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I hear a lot of people who walk this child loss road and others that have experienced deep sorrow and suffering say that they don’t feel strong. They say that so many others tell them how strong they are; yet they don’t feel it, they don’t understand. 

I imagine that ‘strong’ isn’t a feeling, it’s a state of being. What they’re seeing is God’s power in someone who has walked through the depths of hell, a person who is not afraid of being ‘weak’, because in that place of vulnerability and humility, that place of deep sorrow; God moves best and His power is most prevalent. He needs people who are brave when they don’t realize they’re being brave, strong, when they don’t realize they’re strong, and willing to feel and learn and ‘be still’ through the school of suffering, because no sorrow is wasted in the Hands of our Perfect Father. 
So when someone tells you that you are so strong, and every ounce of your being feels anything but; just smile and know that what they are seeing in you is the miraculous power God, and that is a pretty awesome thing to possess by just simply being what the world would call ‘weak’. 

“{It is from suffering that the strongest souls ever known have emerged; the world’s greatest display of character is seen in those who exhibit the scars of sorrow; yet through their tears and sorrow have seen the gates of heaven.”}

Pictures from the incredibly talented Bridget Grant, who also happened to be the only photographer who captured Will’s picture while he was here; it seems fitting that God would orchestrate this impromptu ‘session’ that led her to the cemetery to capture my little man’s essence even still. ❤️