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The changing seasons used to absolutely paralyze me. After great loss we tend view time as ‘before _____ & after ______’. -•
And as the earth continued to spin my world continued to feel more shattered + broken. Spring was tough because as all the dead things began to bloom back into life; I was still trying to catch my breathe and wrap my head + heart around my new ‘reality’ without my son. I began placing unnecessary pressure + expectations on myself to be a certain way, the paranoia of wondering what others might think if they knew how completely ‘dead’ I still felt inside would silence + cripple me. It was hard to witness life passing me by, everyone around me continuing to live their (seemingly perfect) normal lives as I felt I was at a stand still not even knowing how to fully walk out my new ‘normal’, that I didn’t ask for. 
Somehow, those first few years the beautiful blooms & resurrected life of spring only magnified the sting of my new reality. 

                     •>>>BUT GOD<<< •

Eventually He brought me to a place of {blooming} in His Perfect (and patient, tender, unwavering) LOVE + power. I welcome the new life, beauty and change with expectation + Hope in my heart. Knowing that just as new life appears all around us, He is able to redeem, resurrect new life in me. I still miss Will, everyday I think of him, but I also now see life through a new lens. I had to learn to embrace the pain, feel the feels without shame/pressure/urgency in order for God to restore. It’s been a process of a glorious unfolding which He continues to kindle. –

I want to encourage you, wherever you may be in your journey… (Don’t rush it, despise it, attempt to run ahead)…. Like His word proclaims (it’s not based on us, but we can choose to trust + believe UNTIL WE SEE) BEAUTY WILL RISE from your ashes. 🌸

Happy (almost) spring Y’all . May we all be filled with His glorious Love + Hope-filled expectation of what’s to come. Choose to see the beauty in the new life that surrounds you today🌿