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5 Practical ways to help a family suffering through loss.. (Loss of a child from my experience) *i know my Vandalia community was just hit with a devastating teen death*

1) PRAYER. (first and foremost…) I cannot stress this one enough.. I could literally (((feel)))) the prayers after Will passed. 

2) FOOOOOOD. (Start a neighborhood or community or church food tidings.. Meals are so important.. And be sure to have them span out to at least 2 months after the loss) 3-4 meals a week x 8 wks is only 30 meals or so.. Make it happen. If you can’t cook… Order some take out. Freezer meals for a later date are great as well. 
3) donate money to the family to help with bereavement costs. (If you have never had to pick out plots and caskets and tombstones I will tell you.. They aren’t cheap) and or at least send a card. Write a verse or encouraging word or just sign you name.. It’s that simple. 
4) if they have other children, send them a gift. (This is self explanatory) 
5) LISTEN. Be present. Don’t ‘preach.’ (Do not show up on their door step sobbing uncontrollably) and please don’t avoid them if you see them in public.. We see you running the other direction from a mile away.. (A simple smile or ‘hello’ will do the trick.. Or a hug if you’re up for it) 
And then you can also…. 

•go request a FREE shirt on here under ‘t-shirt ministry’ 

•go request a free Hope garland by emailing ( 

I know it’s easy to feel helpless and overwhelmed with your own emotions as you imagine their loss & what they are walking through.. But don’t get caught up in your own emotions.. This is about them and their loss and taking one step at a time… Just breathing can be a difficult task at times for those mourning a loss… Please Know that every little act of kindness/service helps.. Truly it does.